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Lots going on in the last year or so. 


Katie and I got engaged and married. Eimile came back from her semester in ireland. Molly and Paloma graduated. Molly's off to Chapman, and Paloma to SFSU. Hannah opted to spend fall semester in Madrid, and Aidan's grown about a foot, and is gearing up for high school. So lots going on with our family.


Now we suddenlly find ourselves down two kids, and only have the reaming three every other week.


This leaves us some extra time for some escapes down to Sayulita, messing around with my Jeep, and squeezing in a few live shows.   


I'm not really an avid blogger, but between Facebook and this website, I pretty much keep anyone who cares current on what's going on.


You can contact me by going here.

The Latest

RIPP Supercharger

I just installed a RIPP Supercharger into my Jeep. Check it out...

Sunset from Villa Cinco in Sayulita

Katie and I recently sold our two villas in Villa Amor and bought what will eventually be our permanent home on the North End of Sayulita. More...

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