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Below are trip summaries and links to picture galleries of many of my past trips.


Please feel free to contact me if you are planning to go on any of these trips and have any questions.  I can provide recommended outfitters, reading lists and gear lists as well if you are interested.

Mt Whitney/Jason - 8/14

Whiteout on Whitney

In September, 2014, Jason, Lynda, Katie and I hiked up Mt Whitney. Everything when went well until we got to the high camp, where we found the summit ridge in a whiteout with a storm approaching. Better luck next year!


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Annapurna Trek - 2/14

Annapurna, Nepal Himalaya

Nepal's "other" classic trek. I've heard a few arguments about which trek is better--the Annapurna Sanctuary or Everest Base Camp. Well I've trekked out to Everest Base Camp, so in February of 2014 I had  chance to find out for myself.  More...


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Bhutan - 3/13

Mom at the Tiger's Nest!

In March of 2013, I escorted my mother to Bhutan on a cultural tour. This was my second trip to Bhutan. It's so amazing, there is nowhere quite like Bhutan.


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The Cordillera Blanca - 8/12

Alpamayo, Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Sometimes called the "Pre-Inca Trail", this trek weaves through the heart of the mountains of Huascarán National Park, where more than 40 peaks over 19,000 feet high are inked by spectacular valleys scattered with pre-Incan ruins. More...


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The Paine Circuit - 2/12

Paine National Park, Patagonia

This trip was long overdue. I've been wanting to do this trek ever since I flew over the Paine massif on my way back from Antarctica. I trekked the complete Circuit, including the "W" route. More...


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Expedition Bhutan - 11/11

The Tiger's Nest, Bhutan

I joined the 2011 Expedition Bhutan team for the Jomolhari Trek, which we ended up combining with the Naro Valley Six High Passes Trek. After the trek, we met in Thimphu and participated in the TEDx Bhutan conference. More...


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The West Highland Way - 4/11

The West Highland Way

While the kids were down in the Galapagos Islands with their Mom, I took off to the Scottish Highlands with my friend Mary to walk the West Highland Way. It's an Inn to Inn trip that follows in the footsteps of Rob Roy. More...


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Sierra Rampage II - 9/08

Mt Conness, Sierra Nevada

Late in the summer of 2008, Katie, Jamie and Dave and I took another trip to the Eastern Sierras. Everything went great until I realized I had forgotten my boots! I ended up using hiking socks with crampons duck-taped to a pair of Tiva's. Ugh. Anyway we climbed Matterhorn Peak, then Jamie showed me the way up Mt Conness, and I showed her the way up Mt Dana. Unfortunately, bad weather stopped us just short of both summits, and a snow storm chased us completely out of the Sierras. We didn't get to climb as many peaks as we would have liked, but we had a lot of fun!

Cascade Rampage II - 6/08

Mount Jefferson

In summer of 2008, Katie, Jamie and Dave took a roadie in the Westy to climb some of the remaining volcanoes in the Cascades we have yet to climb. First we climbed South Sister in 100+ degree heat. Exhausted, we passed on Mt Jefferson and headed to Hood River to recover and climb Mt Adams. When we arrived in Hood River, there was a wild fire burning on Mt Hood. We ended up hanging with my buddy Michelle, hiking and kite boarding. It was also my first introduction to Rock Band on the Wii!

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Patagonian Ice Cap - 1/07

Mt Fitzroy, Patagonia

In January of 2007, my friend Dennis and I explored the Patagonian Ice Cap, the largest sheet of ice outside the arctic regions. We also circumnavigated Cerro Torre and Fitzroy along the way. More...


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Mount Dana - 10/06

Mt Dana, Sierra Nevada

In October of 2006, I headed solo in the Westy into the Sierras. I had some tough life decisions to make. After spending the night at my place in Bear Valley, I headed over Ebbetts Pass to the eastern side and ended up climbing Mt Dana. Unfortunately, it was really cold and my camera froze, so I don't have any pictures of the trip. More...

Cascade Rampage I: Mount Hood - 7/05

Mt Hood, Oregon

The inaugral climbing rampage with Jamie, Nick and Cyrus, known as Cascade Rampage I. We chose to attempt Mt Hood, Mt Adams and Mt Rainier. Unfortunately for me, I had to start my new job on July 5, so I was only able to go along for the Hood portion of the trip. We had a spectacular climb of the Sunshine Route. More...   See my pics.

Mt Whitney - Mountaineers Route - 6/05

Mt Whitney

This was my third trip to Whitney. The first was a winter climb with Jamie back in 2000. The second time I day-hiked the Whitney Trail on my own right after 9-11. The third trip was with Jamie and Phillipe via the Mountaineers Route. We went in early June, and there was tons of snow along the way. The good snow plus perfect weather made for a wonderful trip. More...


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The Shackleton Traverse - South Georgia - 11/04

Trident Camp, South Georgia

Ever since reading about Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton, I have always wanted to take an adventure trip to Antarctica. The problem was, my options were either to take a cruise, and if I get lucky, make a few Zodiac landings, or spend $26,000 and go climb Mt Vinson. Well, GeoEx and Lindblad partnered up and offered a chance for climbers to re-create Shackleton's traverse of South Georgia Island from King Haakon Bay to Stromness Bay--on foot. More...


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Sierra Rampage I - The Eastern Sierras - 8/04

Mt Ritter, Sierra Nevada

Jamie took me out to the Eastern Sierras to show me that there is so much more to climb than just Mt Whitney! We were able to combine an attempt on Mount Ritter in the Minerets, a hike to Bishops Pass in the Palisades and a hike to Cathedral Peak from Tuolumne Meadows--all in four days! More...

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Haute Route Glacier Route & The Monch - 8/03

The Matterhorn, Swiss Alps

A return to the the Alps. This time to start in Chamonix and traverse the Mont Blanc range via it's glaciers and continue on the Zermatt. From there, a quick train ride to the Bernese Oberland for a climb of the Mönch. More...


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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - 7/03

Machu Picchu

A leisurely trek to a magical destination with some wonderful old friends--not that old I guess. They're in their thirties! More...


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Mt Shasta - Casaval Ridge - 5/03

Caseval Ridge, Mt Shasta

My second shot at Shasta--this time by the Casaval Ridge, the toughest route on the mountain. More...


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Mt Kilimanjaro - Western Breach - 8/02

Mt Kilimanjaro

I wanted to climb the western breach and to sleep in the crater, and that's exactly what I did, and a whole lot more. More...


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Mt Shasta - West Face - 5/02

Mt Shasta

My first attempt on Mount Shasta on the West Face via the Hidden Valley.  We got just below the summit, but a lenticular cloud descended and blew us off the mountain. More...


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The Copland Pass - Southern Alps Traverse - 1/02

The Copland Pass, New Zealand

A return to New Zealand to take on the Copland Pass--a traverse of the Southern Alps that takes you from the mountains all the way to the sea. More...


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Mt Whitney - Whitney Trail (day climb) - 10/01

Mt Whitney Trail

After and unsuccessful slog up Whitney the previous winter, I took lessons learned from my Matterhorn climb and went light and fast solo up Whitney in a single day--shortly after the Sept 11 attacks. More...


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The Matterhorn - 8/01

The Matterhorn, Swiss Alps

I left immediately from Rainier and headed to Zermatt with my sister Jamie for successful attempt at climbing Matterhorn. More...


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Mr Rainier - Emmons Glacier Route - 7/01

Mt Shasta Summit

I climbed the Emmons glacier route on Rainier In July as a prep for my Matterhorn climb the following month. More...


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Mt Kosciusko 5/01

Top of Mt Kosciusko

Also while we were living in New Zealand, we took the family over to Australia for a couple of weeks. While we were in Sydney, I took a day-trip down the Threadbo to hike to the top of Kosciusko. More...


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The Milford Track - 4/01

Milford Sound, New Zealand

After I quit Yahoo we moved to New Zealand. When Jamie came to stay, Susan and I snuck off to the South Island to do the Milford Track Guided Walk. More...


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Mt Elbrus - 7/00

Mt Elbrus, Russia

My first climb after taking my mountaineering course. Elbrus is located in the Caucuses mountains in Russia and  at 18,510" (5,642m), it is the highest mountain in Europe. More...


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Alaska Mountaineering - 5/00

Kahiltna Glacier, Denali

Once I got a taste of the mountains trekking out to Everest, I decided I wanted to climb them. I took my 6-day mountaineering course with my sister Jamie and Kim and Saxon, who I met on my Everest trip. More...


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Everest Base Camp - 5/99

Everest, Nuptse, Lohtse

In May of 1999, I trekked out to Everest Base Camp. It was to prove to be a life changing experience for me. More...


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