Community Service

One thing Katie and I have had in common since the day we met is a passion for community service.


For me, it mostly started in 2007 when I began working less, and instead volunteered at the kids' schools as a sneaky way to see my kids on the days I didn't have them following my divorce.


Over the years, Katie and I worked just about every school volunteer job we could find, including 8 years of of serving hot lunch at the kids' schools, musicals, craft fairs, school registrations, AP test proctoring, auctions, fashion shows, even as M-A girls soccer statisticians-- just about everything the schools offered up. 


This year, with Molly and Paloma off to college, and with Hannah studing abroad in Spain, we have more free time. Because of this, we decided to move into leadership roles in our chosen organizatons. Katie has taken on leadership roles in both the National Charity League and in the PTA.

As an alumni (class of '84 baby!) and athlete at  M-A, I decided to do the same with M-A's Athletic Boosters. Boosters raises $150K-$200K a year for coaches stipends, uniforms and equipments for the athletic programs at M-A. We focus on raising money through donations, The Big Bear Run and the sale of Bear Wear.  Go Bears! ;)

Katie and I also donate our time to the Second Harvest Food Bank. No matter what kind of mood we are in, or how tired we are SHFB is good for the souls and we always leave exhausted, but feeling great.


Come volunteer wih us at Hawes Elementary School !

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