John, Katie and the Fab Five

In June of 2016, after almost 10 years together and blending our kids, Katie and I got married. We live in Portola Valley.


Molly (18) and Paloma (18) both left for college this year (Chapman & SFSU). Eimile (16) is at M-A, Hannah (15) went away to Spain for summer, and decided to stay and go to school there for fall semester. Aidan (13) is in his last year at Charles Armstrong


With our crew growing up and starting to leae the nest, Katie and I are focused these days on working less, and spending as much time with the kids as we can. Katie's a chair in the M-A PTA, and I am the same in M-A's Boosters, raising as much money for the school as we can. Between the PTA and Boosters, the kids sports and other activities, we manage to stay fairly busy, in a good way.


We only have our kids half the time, so on the off weekends when we don't have our kids, Katie and I try to sneak off to Sayulita whenever possible.

Our Wedding: June 25, 2016

The Latest

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Sunset from Villa Cinco in Sayulita

Katie and I recently sold our two villas in Villa Amor and bought what will eventually be our permanent home on the North End of Sayulita. More...

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