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Please feel free to contact me if you are have any questions about any of these cars. I can also recomend (or not) parts suppliers and restoration services as well.


100 Le Mans Restoration Car (BN2L 229678)

1956 Austin Healey BN/2 Le Mans



In January, 2013, BMC Classics completed a complete, nuts and bolt, rottiserie restoration of a 1956 Austin Healey 100 BN2 Le Mans.


Being a "Le Mans", it has all the correct "M" spec dealer installed Le Mans performance upgrades. The car has all matching numbers, and was originally Healey Ice Blue Metallic.  More...

GHN L 2/108589 NAMGAR #2989

1962 MGA Mark II DeLuxe



In December of 2009, I located and purchased an MGA Mark II Deluxe. They are one of the rarest, vintage British cars (only 255 were ever produced).


Besides their limited numbers, Deluxe's are arguably the most desirable of all MGA's because they combine the performance of a Twin Cam with the reliability of the 1622cc pushrod engine. More...

1962 Triumph TR3B

1962 Triumph TR3B



In January of 2009, I purchased a pretty solid 1962 Triumph TR3B. Triumph Rescue did an awesome job of restorig the car.


But after fours years, plus the expenses of having 3 British cars, i decided to sell it to a young guy in L.A. He's going to love it!

1961 Willys Wagon 4X4 L-6 226

1961 Willys Wagon 4X4 L-6 226



In 1999, the folks at Willy America restored a 1961 Willys Wagon 4X4 L-6 226 for me. I sold it around the same time as I sold my FJ 45 Wagon

1963 CJ3B "High-Hood"

1963 Willy CJ3B "High-Hood"



In 1997, I tracked down a 1963 CJ3B, in Colorado. The CJ3B is basically the same as a CJ3A, but with a "high-hood" to make room for the larger "Hurricane" engine.

1964 FJ45 LV - Land Cruiser Wagon

1964 FJ45 LV -  Land Cruiser Wagon



In 2000, Jonathon Ward at TLC restored an FJ 45 Wagon for me. It had a VA Vortec engine, OME suspension, perhaps the best FJ45 wagon ever.


I had it for about 5 years before I sold it to the country singer Alan Jackson and bought a Jeep Unlimited Rubicon.

1991 VW Weekender from GoWesty

1991 Go Westy VW Weekender Multivan



In 2006, I contacted Lucas at GoWesty and had him source and restore a 1991 Vanagon Weekender for me.It was great for piling in the kids and going camping, reggae festivals etc.  I sold it to my sister Jamie in 2010.

2008 Honda Element eCamper

2008 Honda Element EX eCamper



I love my Element eCamper, but it only seats four. Now that Katie and I are living together I need something that seats 7 or more.  


The solution: An AEV Jeep Wrangler Unlimted Wrangler with a 3rd row seat.

The Latest

RIPP Supercharger

I just installed a RIPP Supercharger into my Jeep. Check it out...

Sunset from Villa Cinco in Sayulita

Katie and I recently sold our two villas in Villa Amor and bought what will eventually be our permanent home on the North End of Sayulita. More...

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