In 2008, Katie and I went to my friend Alene's wedding in Puerto Vallarta. On the advice of a friend, we stayed north of PV in a small surf town called Sayulita. As soon as we saw the town. we fell in love with it. Originally, we purchased a tiny one bedroom villa in Villa Amor,  as a getaway for the two of us. But after bringing our kids down for Spring Break, we ended up buying Villa Arboles, which is a 3 bedroom villa.


After 8 years of enjoying Sayulita with the kids, Katie and I have decided that after the kids have all gone off to college, we'd like to move down to Sayulita full-time-- or at least November through June, before the rainy season descends on the area. Unfortuanately while Arboles is a terric vacation rental, it lacks some essentials of a real house--things like a functional kitchen, laundry facilities and parking. So we needed to find a real house!

Villa Cinco

Sunset from Villa Cinco in Sayulita

In late 2016, Katie and I sold our two villas in Villa Amor, and bought a 3 bedroom house on the North End of Sayulita, 3 blocks from the beach, and about a 15 minute walk to the plaza.


It has a solar powered, saline pool, water filtration system, high speed internet, fantastic view with amazing sunsets at night.

Interested in Renting?

Cinco is managed by the awesome folks at Sayulita at Your Service

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Sunset from Villa Cinco in Sayulita

Katie and I recently sold our two villas in Villa Amor and bought what will eventually be our permanent home on the North End of Sayulita. More...

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